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About illumyx

illumyx was created from over 27 years of experience in working with companies on their internal cultural drivers and barriers. Combining empirically validated tools, in-depth analytics and evidence-based interventions, we deliver tangible results that transform your culture. Our emphasis on behaviors enable us to prescribe recommendations for bringing about meaningful change. The illumyx analytics process helps you understand linkages between engagement data, business metrics and employee experience.  We diagnose your organizational health, provide prescriptive solutions, and use data-driven methods that go beyond perceptions and emotions to optimize your employee experience – identifying where you are, where you want to go, and how you are going to get there.

Our well-rounded team consists of experienced specialists working seamlessly together to help you achieve your goals, while providing world-class service every step of the way. Our leadership team includes the best talent within their discipline, bringing unique perspectives and knowledge to every client engagement.

The illumyx team is headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin, providing services on-site and remotely to clients. During our partnership, you have a team of professionals dedicated to your account.





We measure your workplace culture. If your workplace would benefit from improved productivity, cost-savings, ROI, and employee engagement please contact us to learn more about using our proven people analytics platform.



Working towards your goals, We  customize our technology, so you have clear metrics to assess the strengths of your workplace culture.


Uncover the real issues and opportunities that need attention allowing you to better build the total employee experience.


With known behaviors and practices, take action amplifying strengths to have the greatest impact on your overall workplace culture.