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Workplace culture audit & people analytics platform

People are the problem, the solution and the engine behind successful companies and organizations.  Talent is the fuel that drives organizational success and accounts for up to 70% of operating expense.  Yet convincing leadership to invest and prioritize people dynamics and the associated patterns is challenging.  illumyx™ provides people data to take you and your organization out of the guesswork and into action that will save time, energy, and money.  Delivering the ROI intuition knows is possible through prioritized, actionable data.

When engagement surveys are no longer enough, bring illumyx™ to take engagement insights to a whole new level.

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client highlights

"The focus on values and culture has been a huge part of our transition planning success. Through this process we have captured the essence of our company culture and have a way to communicate and preserve our core values."

Kurt Kloehn
Baisch Engineering

"illumyx helped us put our culture into action in all facets of our clinic. We have learned that when we have cultural alignment everyone is working in the same manner towards our organization’s vision which is to actively serve our patients and our community."

Debbie Helmle
Director of Human Resources
Green Bay Oncology


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