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The Corporate Lifecycle: The Golden Age

The Corporate Lifecycle:  The Golden Age In a previous whitepaper, we talked about startups moving towards a state of maturity by going through the phases of Courtship, Infancy, and Go-Go. [...]

Culture Clash: 3 Reasons Why Your M&A is Failing

A few weeks ago, I met with a couple of executives who were in the process of merging their companies.  They talked about how they believe they had done everything [...]

Falling Short: Employee Engagement in America

Engaged employees are awesome. They work hard, have a good attitude, and generally make your organization a better place. Having an engaged workforce is a strong contributor to success. It [...]

Organizational Culture: Google

We’ve seen and heard articles from places like Fortune Magazine, Harvard Business Review and Forbes about the best places to work.  In many of these articles, there’s a high focus [...]

3 Key Takeaways when Benchmarking

I am a runner. As a runner, I think don’t think the majority of us run in order to win, but as a way to better ourselves. To set goals [...]

Branding your Organization

What is your brand? For many, a brand may be viewed as merely a logo or a tagline. But given the countless brainstorming meetings and amount of effort put into [...]

Busyness: What’s the Payoff?

When someone asks us how we are, I’ve noticed that oftentimes, our initial response is “Good — busy” or “Ugh…busy.” Not out of the ordinary, right?  Our lives get scheduled [...]

The Real Cause of Workplace Conflict

As business consultants, we get hired to go into businesses and help identify where there’s conflict and how to resolve those conflicts.  Typically, what we find is that businesses have [...]

Aligning Values in Business

Our values are the core of who we are.  They are composed of our successes, failures, experiences, passion, strengths and fears.  However, there are situations where we find our values [...]

People and Process Integration in Business

A common trend we see with businesses is the emphasis on streamlining processes and making quality improvements in how processes are developed and how they flow. As new initiatives in [...]